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How to view 4K Videos on Xbox One S

The ultimate games and 4K entertainment system let Xbox One S become one of the hottest console in the market. With its built-in media player app, you can play video and music files by USB drive or DLNA server easily. However, when play 4K on Xbox One (S), there are many users meet issues- "Xbox One (S) can not read 4K movies"... In this article, we just aim to solve the 4K to Xbox One (S) playback trouble for you.

As a matter of fact, it is officially claimed that Xbox One (S), Xbox 360 support 4K format. The point here is, only a part of 4K, unfortunately, is supported due to different codes. Well, how can you play those incompatible 4K files on Xbox One (S) then? The possible solution is to convert 4K to Xbox One (S) most compatible format.
Actually, it's easy to get the job done as long as you get Dimo Video Converter Ultimate. This video converter has been proven to be an outstanding 4K to Xbox One (S) converter. With it, you can convert different 4K vi…