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How to Enable Chromebook to Play Video DVDs

Chromebook laptops are new online computing thin clients based on the Google Chrome operating system that are only available when connected to the Internet. You should run all web-based applications or go through the Chrome browser, and all the relevant source material is stored in the cloud. However, the Chromebook does not have any Windows or Mac applications. It does not even have a built-in DVD drive due to the relatively small hard drive capacity, which means that you can not play DVD directly on a Chromebook.

While you can connect an external USB DVD drive to your Chromebook, you can not currently use the Chrome OS to watch DVD movies. Unlike the simple movie file format that may be found online, DVD video playback on your Chromebook requires special decoding software and codecs to work properly. Google has not licensed this software and included it in Chrome OS.
In fact, it is easy to watch DVD video on Chromebook without quality loss as long as you got a DVD Ripp…